Ilenia Corti grown up in Valenza, the renowed city of gold in Italy, in a family of Italian jewellers who dedicated their life to the creation of unique pieces of art since 1969. She played with her father strolling around her family’s firm and learning day after day by her parent’s high skills. This was the time when her design idea took a defined shape: approaching jewellery with a different insight, discovering the hidden side of preciousnessand exalting beauty that emerges in imperfections.

The project finds its inspiration in the tension between a dream vision, childlike vitality, and the pragmatism of the adult world. The mystery of nature and its hidden beauty, even when at its fiercest, the perfection of its microcosms, the mistake that becomes a wonderful exception and the passion fordetails are the research fields of Ilenia Corti’s work, a rather peculiar – experimental and unconventional – area of interest which lead her to collaborations with some of the most important fashion luxury brands in the world.

The Scandinavian atmosphere, the chromatic notes of its pristine landscapes are a source of intense wonder for Ilenia Corti. Her collections are an invitation to assist to the show of frozen Nature in its vital tension, an image fading in time, a testimony of the memory of when small things were the most enchanting. Each jewel crystallizes a fragment of this fragile and mysterious universe.

Each jewelry collection gives life to a natural microcosm: diamonds in nuances from grey to black, and the use of pink, yellow burnished silver and gold create a suggestion of lost beauty.Ilenia Corti jewels want to highlight the frame of the jewel which is usually hidden: every creation is hand modeled and finely hand carved, down to the cuts and the settings for the stones. That’s the difference between a mere jewel and a unique and collectable piece of art, produced in Italy by expert craftsmen according to the rules of high jewellery.

The tradition of Italian handcrafted jewelry and the reverie of a life in harmony with nature, carves a world of little and invisible detailed creatures depicting microcosm of glorious glimmering beauty.

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